Remuneration is not the only way to motivate employees

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By recognizing the human being’s quest for happiness and essential need for freedom, we must attach a very special importance to the dream within the company itself. This incredible source of energy stimulates our intellectual capacities, develops our imagination and makes valuable everything we do. Why leave our dream at the doorstep of the company? 


Awareness of the need to improve the work conditions.

Happiness and wellbeing at work become matters of concern for businesses. Therefore, initiatives were developed to optimize the work environment of employees. However, stimulating them through challenges, financial bonuses or others and federating the teams during teambuilding are still impersonal actions and do not necessarily answer our quest for happiness. It is by making our personal and/or collective dreams come true that we achieve our balance and our accomplishment, source of lasting motivation and happiness.

The Impact of Realizing our Dreams on our Daily Life

The dream is a challenge that requires a capacity to introspect, and such awareness of ourselves and of our deepest desires adds value to everything we do. The very perspective of their accessibility results in a motivation for action that radiates in all fields and over our surrounding. Achieving what seemed inaccessible requires surpassing oneself and thriving, which is essential for assuming the responsibility of our acts, for the capacity to make initiatives and for the reevaluation of our ambitions. This extremely positive influence within a group promotes the development of a healthy environment in which collective and personal ambitions can emerge in harmony with the common objectives. “This is a very beautiful practice of introspection on one’s envies, one’s expectations. So many times, we give unnecessary gifts. But, with the dream, we touch what is immaterial, and this immaterial thing is priceless…”, Christian Pinson, CEO and CFO of Morning says.  So would we consider bringing our dreams with us in the companies?

Ethically, this position is contested

The moral question would be: How to evaluate the real intention of the company? Is this about a manipulation of the employees to its advantage? It seems that happiness and financial results are closely interrelated here, and to untangle the key issue means to ask which came first: the egg or the chicken. Because, last but not least, according to the positive psychology researcher, Ilona Boniwell, the economic success of a company would contribute to the happiness of the employees. Thus, yearning for happiness by realizing our dreams within the company helps reduce the dichotomy between the professional life and the personal one, calming down the frustrations and their harmful consequences on health, hence contributing to our self-fulfillment! Always happy and motivated employees: is it a dream?

Com Un Rêve Rises to the Challenge.

The Toulouse-based startup, Com Un Rêve, invites us to try it by perfectly adopting this approach. Provider of dreams, it innovates in the matter offering to realize them by taking the corporate culture into consideration: personalized awards following a team or individual challenge, personalized team building, personalized retirement gifts… The surprise is sizeable! For the Radisson Blu Hotel Staff party, Thierry Pecorella, General Manager in Lyon, wanted something “… innovative and that especially lives up to the aspiration, the hope of our employees (…)”.

To go even further, Com Un Rêve offers a new service that allows the company wishing to have it, to make dreams accessible to all employees. By opening up gateways to our dreams everything becomes possible, it creates the dynamism. Francesco Santoro, in charge of the risk and performance management at ATR Aircraft puts it perfectly: “In the company, we are taken by the daily routine, and realizing dreams is not obvious. I would really like to thank Com Un Rêve for having come up with this idea of promoting the dreams within the companies.”

“So wages is not the only way to motivate employees!”
Olivier Martineau, CEO and CFO of SIGFOX is convinced: “In terms of motivation, it’s a good way to make a change, to bring something new that can’t be found elsewhere.”

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